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No need to sit in a waiting room or emergency department.
At Wellness NP we can evaluate and treat many common ailments in the comfort of your home or office

Commonly treated ailments include

Abrasions    Allergies   Bites and stings   Body aches   Bronchitis   Bruising

Cough    Dehydration     Itchy eyes    Lice   Medications refills

Nausea   Pink Eye   Nasal Congestion   Mild lacerations  

Urinary tract infections

Diarrhea   Earache   Fever   Frostbite   Flu   Headaches  Insomnia

Hives    Skin infection   Strains and sprains   Sinus infections    Sore throat

        Vomiting  Travel medications  Weight Loss*     

It easy, convenient and private.

Set up an account, see a provider, and receive treatment.