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  • cold, flu or stomach bug
  • athletic overexertion
  • morning sickness
  • migraine headaches 
  • fatigue or jetlag
  • hangover

Hydration Center

Frequent traveler? Dehydrated from recent illness?

Suffering from morning sickness? Too much fun last night?

We can get you back on your feet and feeling well in less than 60 minutes! IV infusion of fluids and vitamins is the best way to re-balance and re-hydrate if you experience any of the following:

Hydration Packages

One liter IV fluid with your choice of pain medication, nausea medication or B-Complex…..$75.00

Basic plus two additions – either pain medication, nausea medication or B-Complex…..$110.00

Second IV Bag…..

Hydration Add-on
Individualize your IV with a choice of pain medication, nausea medication or B-Complex…..$20.00

Immune Boost Injection
IM injection of Vitamin C…..$35.00

IV fluids plus magnesium and B-Complex…..$75.00